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What is 7 vs. Wild

7 vs. Wild (English abbreviation for seven versus wild, "Seven against the Wilderness") is a reality game show by German video producer Fritz Meinecke. In the show, seven contestants are abandoned in the wilderness for seven days with seven items. During this time, the contestants must pass daily challenges. Whoever has the most points at the end and makes it to the end wins the season.  

In November 2021, Fritz Meinecke released the first season of 7 vs. Wild on his primary YouTube channel. After just a few days, it was clear what he had created with it. In a short time, his project achieved some of the highest ratings in the entire German-speaking area. The event came to an end in December 2021 with a furious finale. On 13.06.2022 the time had finally come. With his video "7 vs. Wild - Season 2 It's official!" he announced a 2nd edition of the hit series 7 vs. Wild. Also, some info about the filming location as well as hostile conditions were revealed. 

With great anticipation, Fritz Meinecke announced the third season of "7 vs. Wild" in April 2023, and fans held their breath. A new format, the "Team Edition," takes the participants this time to the vast wilderness of Canada, where not only nature but also the dynamics between the team members pose a new challenge. Compared to the adventures in the Swedish tundra and the humid jungles of Panama of the first two seasons, the Canadian wilderness presents an even greater and unpredictable hurdle. Another bang for the buck: survival time is doubled! Instead of seven days, the teams must now endure a full two weeks under extreme conditions. This announcement raises the tension and fans' expectations for the third season of "7 vs. Wild" are high. It is a gripping journey that will not only test the physical courage and endurance of the participants, but also their team spirit and mental strength. Audiences can't wait to experience this exciting new season.

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7 vs. wild fritz meinecke

Season 1

temperate zone in Sweden

7 vs. Wild - Season 1

The event of the year 2021 was for many spectators 7 vs. Exposed for 7 days in the wilderness of Sweden, 3 participants made it to the final. You can find all episodes as a replay here.

7 vs wild season 2 youtube great

Season 2

Tropical island

7 vs. Wild - Season 2

Since June 13, 2022, it is now finally certain. There will be a second season. What is already known and which candidates will face the challenge you can see here.

7vswild season 3

Season 3

It is official

On 04/16/2023 Fritz Meinecke has finally announced it. There will be a season 3. And that still in this year. We are hyped. 

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