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7 vs. wild

7 vs. wild SEASON 3

7 teams, 14 days in CANADA


Welcome to 7vsWild: Canada's Toughest Survival Adventure

About 7vsWild

In his announcement for Season 3 of 7 vs. Wild, Fritz Meinecke lets it be known that there will be significant changes this year. Although he doesn't reveal exact details yet, he already hints that there will be a new basic concept and a new rule for items will be introduced. There will also be a new location and new participants to take on the challenge. Despite all these changes, however, one constant remains: The broadcast of the 3rd season of 7 vs. Wild will be available for free on YouTube in November and December 2023, as usual. Set in the stunning and wild terrain of Canada, seven teams battle nature in an epic survival challenge. 7vsWild is more than just a game - it's a test of human endurance, the ability to work together, and survival instincts.

The Challenge - A battle against Mother Nature in the wilderness of Canada

In the middle of the impressive, but also merciless wilderness of Canada begins the ultimate survival adventure - 7vsWild. The teams, consisting of brave and adventurous individuals, are set out there, far away from any civilization and modern conveniences. From the very beginning, the clock is ticking. The teams have exactly 14 days to prove their survival knowledge and skills under the harshest conditions. Every minute counts, as the challenges they face become more difficult with each passing hour.

Equipped with only the most necessary survival items in a bottle, participants face the daunting task of setting up camp in an unfamiliar and unpredictable environment. They must master the art of building fires to keep warm, cook, and deter predators. Each team is also responsible for finding food by setting traps, fishing, or gathering edible plants - a task that requires both expertise and perseverance. But perhaps the biggest challenge of all is protecting themselves from the elements. Teams must stand up to extreme weather conditions, from cold nights to sudden storms. Their ability to adapt and remain resilient will be put to the test.

Follow the adventure

Every week we bring you new episodes of 7vsWild, full of exciting moments and thrilling twists. Stay up to date and follow the teams as they use their skills, ingenuity and courage to survive in the wilds of Canada.

All videos for season 3

Live the Survival Adventure: Episodes, Highlights and More

The new subject matter regulation

Each candidate receives a sleeping bag + 1 bottle as a team item which can be filled with any contents
To the video

Photo from "Toms Outdoor World

Whether this bottle setup is a gamechanger? What does the pro think about it?

Nalgene wide neck drinking bottle

Suitable for hot and cold drinks (-40 to 100 ┬░C).


Sleeping bag + bottle + clothes

  • a warming jacket
  • a rain jacket
  • a cloth or (tube) scarf for the neck
  • a headgear (e.g. hat, cap, baseball cap, ...)
  • a pair of gloves
  • one pair of socks
  • a pair of shoes
  • one pair of underpants
  • trousers with a belt
  • a t-shirt

Climate Table Mean Values Canada

Climate table Alaska/Canada
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temp. (┬░C) -7 -5 -2 3 10 16 18 17 12 4 -4 -7
Min. temp. (┬░C) -20 -19 -16 -9 -2 4 6 6 2 -5 -14 -18
Temperature (┬░C) -13 -12 -9 -3 4 10 12 12 7 -1 -9 -12
Sun (hrs. per day) 3 4 5 7 8 10 10 8 5 3 2 1
Water temp. (┬░C) -1 -1 0 2 5 10 12 11 8 5 2 -1
Rainy days (per month) 19 16 15 12 10 8 7 9 12 17 20 19

Most dangerous animals in the region of North America

7 vs wild grizzly bear

Grizzly bear

The grizzly bear is a large, powerful bear native to Canada and Alaska. It can grow up to 2.5 meters tall and weigh up to 360 kg. Grizzly bears are considered dangerous because they can be very aggressive when they feel threatened or cornered. They are also known to attack when threatened or when they feel threatened.

Canadian cougar

The Canadian cougar, also called mountain lion or puma, is a large, powerful cougar native to Canada and Alaska. It can grow up to 1.5 meters tall and weigh up to 100 kg. Canadian cougars are considered dangerous because they can run and jump quickly and are often considered a threat. They usually only attack when they feel threatened or attacked.

7 vs wild canadian cougar
7 vs wild elk season 3


The moose is a large, powerful ungulate native to Canada and Alaska. It can grow up to 2.3 meters tall and weigh up to 725 kg. Moose are considered dangerous when they feel threatened or cornered, or when they need to protect their young. In these situations, they may attack and pose a threat.

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