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7 vs. wild




Framework conditions for the


  • 1. you need to shoot a video application and post it on YouTube.
  • 2. the video consists of an adventure of your choice. It does not necessarily have to be in the outdoor area
  • 3. video length: 8 minutes (of course you have a few seconds grace in both directions)
  • 4. go to your limits but do not put yourself in danger and do not break the law.
  • 5. #7vswildcard MUST be in title
  • 6. you must be of legal age. 18+
  • 7. no big influencers - your biggest platform must not have more than 10,000 followers
  • 8. please do not use protected music in the video. Music from Epidemic Sound is okay though
7 vs. wild card

Wildcard Winner 2022

Wildcard winner

Amateur biologist, amateur photographer


YOU have exceeded all expectations with your entries!


The best application! - #7vsWildcard anno 1922

be ready survival

#7vswildcard I My application for 7 vs Wild Season Two + Elderberry Syrup

Tim Hamel

#7vswildcard I My APPLICATION for SEASON 2

Manuel Bergmann

#7vswildcard I My adventure on Monkey Island I Application for 7 vs Wild!


One-legged to the tropics! - #7vswildcard | The most extraordinary application to the 2nd season! 4K video

The outdoor freak

Application 7 vs. Wild 2, #7vswildcard


#7vswildcard I My 7 vs Wild application!

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